Remember to check which topics are in your specification


For iGCSE you must also go through the GCSE takeaway to try past paper questions by topic. Most of the questions in the GCSE takeaway have come from both GCSE and iGCSE papers hence why there isn't really a need for a separate one. Make sure you check with your teacher as to which topics are relevant to iGCSE though! Some topics won't crossover. Once you have attempted all the iGCSE topics then try the iGCSE papers and check your score against each years grade boundaries (found here) to see how you did.

On this page you will find past papers for GCSE as well as topic by topic revision for each grade. This is a very good way to revise! You need to go learn each topic first and then try the exam paper for that topic. Once you have done this for all the topics up to the grade you are aiming for then click the links to the exam papers to try them as a proper paper.